ABC's of Kang Daesung

D-7 to Daesung’s Birthday (14.04.26)

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When Tywin Lannister spoke, men obeyed. When Cersei spoke, they felt free to to counsel her, to contradict her, even refuse her. It is all because I am a woman. Because I cannot fight them with a sword. They gave Robert more respect then they give me, and Robert was a witless sot. She would not suffer it, especially not from Jaime. —A Feast for Crows (via fycerseilannister)

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Pro Tip: Instead of having feelings, try being dead inside. Everything is still horrible but you will not care at all.

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The “Everybody is done with everybody” Wedding

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me after every episode of hannibal


us after every episode of hannibal


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asking inanimate objects if they are joking when they don’t function properly

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